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Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) reviews

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Excellent University with some improvable points
Spain, Undergraduate
Economics, 2020
Six years at Pompeu Fabra University are enough to deep into the universities' strengths and weaknesses. Despite being a young university is has been ranked by the Times Higher Education among the 100 best universities in Europe and the best University in Spain. Consequently, Pompeu Fabra stands out for its quality, especially in the social science disciplines such as economics or international business administration. 
The University has made wide efforts to promote internationalization and adapt to new educational methods. Thus, it not only accepts many international students coming from the best universities in the world, but it also promotes studying abroad through many exchanges. 
The functioning of the university is clear. There are some master classes mostly done by associate professors who are currently working in important firms or companies, and there are seminars of a minimum of two hours per subject. In those, reality cases or practical exercises are studied to get in contact with the practicality of different job prospects. 
There are three campuses located closely one each other in Barcelona, so it is easy to know people from other disciplines. 
However, Pompeu Fabra University has a severe disadvantage associated with the shortage of organizational capacity. It is almost impossible to balance the studying life with any working opportunity or necessity. Schedules vary each week, and there is no attendance flexibility. Moreover, there are many empty hours between lessons, so if you don't live close to the campus, you are forced to spent the whole day in it. On the other hand, campuses count on many services, and they are well-equipped.
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Quality, wide education availability, high student life.
High difficulty to balance student life with working experiences
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Pública y de calidad
Liuva R
Spain, Undergraduate
Political Science, 2023
La UPF es una universidad de Barcelona con nombre internacional, que a lo largo de los años ha ido ampliando su oferta académica, pero que destaca de entre otras universidades de la ciudad catalana por su alto nivel docente en el ámbito de las Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas. 
Respecto a las/os docentes, estos tienen un alto nivel de preparación, así como un intenso recorrido en su materia. Es todo un honor poder aprender de profesionales como ellas y ellos. Paralelamente, debe ser destacado el elevado nivel de exigencia de la universidad, el cual se traduce a lo largo de los años como éxito profesional/laboral. 

Referente a la vida universitaria y el ambiente del campus es especialmente relevante la homogeneidad entre culturas distintas, no solo en términos de internacionalidad sino a nivel nacional, ya que gran parte del alumnado proviene de pueblos o ciudades de alrededor de la Península. En consecuencia, el campus está lleno de puntos de vista distintos y un joven alumnado dispuesto a aprender y disfrutar tanto de los estudios universitarios como de la propia ciudad barcelonense.
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Renombre, oportunidades y docència
Organización interna
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UPF's international professional help
Julia C
Spain, Undergraduate
Economics, 2023
I am currently looking for a suitable internship for me, starting this next academic year. Since this July my exchange in the Netherlands (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, EUR) will come to an end, I am more inclined to also do an internship abroad; that's why I've also registered to iAgora, as well as made use of UPF's online tools.
The UPF offers a lot of useful information online, as well as professionals whose job is to guide students in their non-academic aspirations. This guidance includes videocalls with said professionals, where they provide very relevant information about the CV, job-offer portals, as well as how to make a good use of the social network linkedIn. Finally, there's also a UPF portal that links undergraduates/alumni to companies quite easily. Thus simplifying the search process for UPF students.
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In my opinion, the videocall with the professional career-counselor; she really calmed me down and walked me through the process from student to worker in a very efficient and down-to-earth way.
When students contact the International Mobility office, they may take long to reply, and they're not too keen on answering calls.
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Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Munich, Germany
Economics, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
Its one of the best University of Spain. The quality standard is very high and you could study very good.
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Advanced my studies & career
Presencial, Grado, Ciencia política, 4 Años
1001-2000 €
Presencial, Grado, Comunicación audiovisual, 4 Años
2001-3000 €
Presencial, Grado, Publicidad, 4 Años
2001-3000 €
Presencial, Grado, Sector legal - Más temáticas, 4 Años
1001-2000 €
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Audit Junior
David S
24 weeks - Spain
Finance / Accounting Internship
few things to do
Eduard K
3 weeks - Ireland
Human Resources Internship
Pompeu Fabra University is Catalonia's fourth publicly funded university. It is a young university, yet it already has its own little slice of history: it was founded in 1990 with 316 students taking two degree courses, and today it has 7,000 students, twelve degree courses and an expanding campus in the heart of the city, stretching between the Rambla and the district of Poblenou.
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Other names: Universidad Pompeu Fabra
Phone: +34 3 542 20 00
Address: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Placa de la Merce, 12 08002, Barcelona, Spain
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