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Politecnico di Bari reviews

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Excellent university located in south Italy
Marina P
Italy, Graduate
Engineering, Mechanical, 2018
Politecnico di Bari is an excellent university, which provides to its engineering students an high theoretical knowledge in all branches of the selected field. Studying in Politecnico di Bari requires hard work, constance and high motivation, which  will pay back good academic results.
Services for students are decent and recently their quality is growing, but need to be further improved. 
A very effective career office helps students to build contacts with companies.
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High competence of teachers and graduated
Lack of laboratories and services for students
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In crescita
Francesco B
Engineering, 2023
Ho studiato ingegneria meccanica alla triennale e sono laureando magistrale in ingegneria gestionale. Ho studiato materia interessanti durante il percorso di meccanica come Meccanica Razionale, scienza delle costruzioni, sistemi energetici e macchine a fluido ecc… docenti preparati.
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Non ci ho interagito
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Il rettore
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Alessandra M
Italy, Undergraduate
Art, 2023
il dipartimento di architettura dispone di ampie aule dove poter disegnare e seguire le lezioni, i professori sono ottimi e il persorso di studio è completo
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i professori sono ottimi e disponibili
andrebbe disposta un'aula di informatica con dei computer
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Fully disappointed
Italy, Graduate
, 2022
I enrolled in both undergrad and master in Mechanical Engineering. I have Always had a passione for Mechanical engineer and so i started my journey in 2011 with Politecnico di Bari. At the same time i was working as a seafare. Therefore i would attend classes and giving as many exams as possibile when i was home (2 month) and studing while working (4month on board). I was conscious that becoming an Engineer requires a solid background in math, physics.... However i wanted to get Engineering skills, solving problems, designing plants and machineries, perform numerical simulations, creating models, design a production process... Basically learn to create something. Once done with the undergrad course i felt like... "Ok, i have lots of theory and no way to use It for something useful ( you can understand the Navier eq perfectly, but you can't solve in detail a flow in a centrifugal compressor without the help of a computer). Maybe, those practical things are thought at the master degree course. I'm young, let's enroll and dedicate to It properly. It's Two years... If i study hard i ll finish soon and get what i want"... Well, It turns out It doesn't really work that way.... In fact, apparently, classes are not there to actually teach you something (maybe only 20%  of them yes). Classes are there because they Need to tell you a bunch of things (lot's of It but never complete enough to do something) in 4 months that u should memorize and repeat to the professor during the examination day. So doesn t really matter if you learnt something useful for your carrier or something that actually can Give you value when applying for a job. At the end of the course, if you didn't practice, dag deeper to actually complete what you learnt Just ti make it useful, Just ti be able to day Hey, i can do this, or get involved by yourself in something specific, you'll have nothing to sell to any employer. As a matter of fact, After ggetting a master degree you can only AIM to get few internship and a riddiculus salary. So Yes, they tell you a whole bunch of things, lots of things. Lots of theory that you can learn by heart and never learn to apply if not by your self and, if you are lucky, you ll get an internship. So Is It a good university? For me it's not. Would i have done again if i could go back in time? Yes but for fun and because Is close to where i leader and it wouldn t require more expenses, not for improving my chances of getting a job. The they Say they are an eccellente, they can perform very well certain tasks for certain industries. Very well, "bravi", but a university should also focus on the students. Otherwise you are offerring services ti industries while tricking people to enroll when you don t even have enough sits. If you are looking into gaining skills that May Be useful to a business... I would suggest One of these private courses. Due you know that you can become a Mechanical designer with Just 3000 euros for an Autodesk inventor professional certificate? Did you know that those private companies also guarantee 3 job interview?  Why on earth One can be a "progettista meccanico" in a year and find a job while getting a master in Mechanical Engineering cannot even guarantee you an internship? Good luck
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No pros. Zero.
Lots of cons
In aula, Laurea Magistrale, Ingegneria informatica, 2 Anni
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In aula, Laurea Magistrale, Ingegneria e meccanica, 2 Anni
Prezzo da consultare
In aula, Laurea Magistrale, Telecomunicazioni (altro)
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In aula, Laurea Magistrale, Architettura
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Polytechnic University of Bari is an Italian public University offering scientific and technological programmes. The Polytechnic forms perspective architects, engineers and industrial designers and issues academic qualifications such as three-year Degree courses (I level), two-year Degree courses (II level), five-year Degree courses, Ph.D.'s as well as I and II level Postgraduate courses.
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Other names: Poliba
Phone: +39 080 59 62 111
Address: Via Orabona, 4, 70125 Bari, Italy
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