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About jacks of all trades, emeralds, the gold of the nation, superstars, "first-class caviar" and "cream of cream" in universities and high-tech corporations
Lebanon, Other courses
, 2023
Pluses: a variety of opportunities for learning European languages, getting to know the real European culture, traveling and getting to know the world.

Cons: numerous, see below.

For example, among the cons:

- countries, political systems and political alliances that have become very similar to military barracks;

- dominance of barracks relations;

- for many, the main thing is not science, cooperation and technical progress, but their wages, incomes, social packages and bonuses;

- all others must obey, be in a submissive position and faithfully serve;

- the problems and contradictions of capitalism are solved by the methods of national and social segregation, discrimination, exploitation and the sweatshop system of labor;

- various "geniuses", "gold", "emeralds", "diamonds" of the nation have such a huge number of publications only as a result of reprinting and rewriting other people's works;

- salary is much lower than expected;

- standard of living, housing conditions are much worse than expected.

This review and the point of view presented below touches on the topic of people who are considered jack-of-all-trades in the rich democracies of the capitalist world. In rich countries, these people are considered a national treasure or even a world value. These people are the national gold, diamonds and emeralds in their political system and capitalist economic world.

Below we will touch on various national heroes, winners of the country's highest awards and gold medalists in various competitions. These are national geniuses, Olympic champions and even local "gods". They attract media attention and are invited to all important events. For ordinary residents of their country, these are super-successful people, celebrities, or even in some sense "superstars", celestials, bohemians and the elite of society. Universities, laboratories, research centers and high-tech corporations consider such people "the best caviar" and "the cream of the cream."

The overview below discusses the themes of xenophobia, racism, direct and indirect discrimination, and nationalism in academia and the education system. Today, numerous negative phenomena affect both universities, technology companies, as well as various societies and interest groups focused on advanced technologies, automation, engineering, computing, electronics and security. Unfortunately, the prominent supporters and champions of the discussed negative trends are people of different citizenship, nationality, social status and economic status. These can be both ordinary employees of technology companies, laboratories and universities, and even rectors, deans, heads of departments, professors, senior engineers. They can even be excellent students and owners of the highest gold awards.

Let's take typical local celebrities, mini-bosses and superstars as illustrative examples for analysis and criticism. They can work in various VIP positions, even as rectors, deans, department heads, directors, professors, senior engineers and top managers in research centers, laboratories and corporations.

This criticism extends to the European-German-French, British, Canadian and American systems of education and science, as well as similar ones in capitalist societies, where money is the main value in people's lives. This review is based on observing the behavior in this environment of various typical VIPs, representatives of "animals, insects and other living beings", "exemplary organisms" from an ethical, professional and personal point of view.

Today, many leading research centers and institutes, universities and technology corporations employ various jack-of-all-trades, local celebrities and "superheroes" who consider themselves superior to ordinary people. Particularly striking are the specifics and problems of communication between these "jacks of all trades", local "supermen", "superwomen", “Hercules”, “Amazons” and "gods" with other ordinary people. For example, with those who are called “new to our country”, ”new converts”, “recruits” and other foreigners in general and specifically with foreign students, trainees and scientists.

Another important goal of this overview is to make it as useful and general as possible. This criticism tries to be objective, balanced and fair to various universities, research institutes and technology companies. Many of these organizations are well-established institutions, popular or well-known organizations.

Today there are various pockets of corruption, with a concentration of crooks and bribe takers, where various "Hercules", "Amazons" and local "superstars" can hold positions and be deans, department heads, directors, professors and senior engineers.

This review can be useful, general and fair to various universities, technology companies, reputable institutions and "famous" organizations. Today there are many places where local "superstars" can be directors, professors, deans, department heads, senior engineers and work in a variety of roles. They can hold many good posts and positions. Such corrupt people and liars, for political and nationalistic reasons, occupy various highly paid positions in science, technology companies, manage science and administration. They are very proud of their salary, social packages, social status and achievements.

Unfortunately, today the topics and questions raised in this review are very relevant in many aspects of life. For decades and even centuries, various activists and civil rights movements have fought against various negative phenomena, including exploitation, racism, discrimination and sweatshops. Unfortunately, today in a variety of places, universities, technology companies and high-profile establishments, there are bosses, superstars and outstanding people who consider themselves "above others", almost gods and superhumans. They believe that they have the right to what “uncivilized peoples”, lower ethnic groups, “servants”, “slaves” and other “subhumans” cannot. For example, they can always indirectly and even directly repeat to others that they are better than others in terms of their nationality and social status. Various forms of discrimination have become the norm and even good form in certain circles. This does not prevent many people in power from holding the highest positions in society, academia and technology companies. Various negative phenomena sometimes even help careerists to occupy VIP positions.

Another living example is when representatives of bohemians and “higher races” can implicitly or even openly humiliate “newcomers”, “all visitors”, “not ours”, including foreign students, label them. Anyone who even tries to be fair, objective or neutral is subject to the same treatment, bullying and harassment. The deeds of the “nations of masters”, “masters of slaves” and “superheroes” show that the “salt of the earth”, which is their pride, are two-faced people, gold lovers, selfish, liars and moral pigs. As a rule, these are assholes and barbarians.

In the capitalist societies of rich countries, discrimination and labeling of people is carried out from economic, social, cultural and intellectual points of view. For example, racists and xenophobes may say that others live in worse housing conditions and are poor. Some of them may constantly complain about something, for example, about their income, that they cannot afford something. For example, in scientific circles, racists and xenophobes do not hesitate to discuss people's personal lives, people's health, tell various toilet jokes. 

Today, in many situations, unfortunately, it is the various representatives of what is called the local "salt of the earth", xenophobes and racists who decide who is worth what. Various xenophobes in warm offices think that they can decide what other people do in their future and career. They believe that they have the right to decide who can be a leader in the scientific community and hold important positions in technology companies.

At present, various jack-of-all-trades, local bosses and "superstars" and others like them are promoting various negative phenomena. Among them are xenophobia, discrimination, exploitation and sweatshops. Local bosses, geniuses, "gold of the nation" and “superstars” can often do this with impunity, both explicitly and implicitly. Unfortunately, today this is done both in academia, universities, research centers, and in the technological environment in general and in the global scientific world.

Over many decades and even centuries, a lot of work has been done to neutralize racism, discrimination, xenophobia, the sweatshop production system. Unfortunately, despite all the human rights work and the efforts of activists, today the system of education, science and high-tech companies is full of various negative phenomena. In various situations, the environment of science, education and high technologies is nationalistic, snobbish and xenophobic.

Xenophobes and representatives of higher races have many preferences, obsessions and ideological moments that are key for them in many situations. Racists practice various forms of discrimination and segregation depending on politics and various personal factors. For example, such factors are the current political situation in the world, citizenship of people, ethnicity, nationality, skin color, knowledge of languages, and even clothing. And, of course, an important factor is that in this environment people of respected nationalities and the inner circle of officials come to the fore. Their closest friends and immediate family always have priority and respect.

In many important situations, representatives of the “golden youth” and “salt of the earth” do not hesitate to tell everyone and at every opportunity that they are simply tired of all these foreigners, “not ours”, “strangers” in the country. The national elite may openly persecute others and label all "foreigners" as uncultured nations inferior to more civilized nations. Such discriminated social strata include foreign students, trainees and researchers. The unfortunate are considered "slaves", sub-humans, something like a thing or someone close in status to "dogs", "guinea pigs" or other pets. Some members of the upper class, even rectors, deans, department heads, elite professors, senior engineers, and even some bohemian students, consider themselves superior to ordinary people, especially foreigners. Some of them even consider themselves some kind of "supermen", “Hercules”, “Amazons” and experts in all matters. From their own selfish and nationalistic point of view, these "jacks of all trades" and their social environment are the only true "humans" belonging to a "master race".

Science, education and high-tech corporations in the capitalist world today represent a xenophobic-nationalist environment of wealthy and educated people. As in any society, at all its levels there are egoists, exploiters, soulless people, snobs and chronic liars. Such people are especially dangerous and invisible in universities, in various prestigious scientific circles, in interest groups and technology corporations. A system that combines capitalism and nationalism gives these people the opportunity to prosper and multiply.

How does this situation and all these negative phenomena mentioned above affect international students, interns and researchers on a daily basis?

Universities, research centers and corporations are staffed by people from the environment of bureaucrats and officials. These are people with a bureaucratic mindset and bureaucratically thinking people. They hold important leadership positions and serve as various managers, directors and supervisors. Of course, not to mention that everyone is happy to see them as engineers, developers and doing other work that they could do. If there are no such people in such positions, it only means that these people are not interested in these vacancies.

They appear at different levels of power, can hold different positions and perform different jobs. Bureaucratic thinking allows many people to hold important positions in academia, administration, politics, economics, and the media. They even receive grants, awards and bonuses for their hard work. Some of these people may hold even the highest positions, using the methods of national social segregation and discrimination as tools.

Various negative social and nationalistic phenomena are their strength, fuel for moving up the career and social ladder. They are the driving force and help the realization of selfish ideas and career movement in the consumer economy.

For example, xenophobes and racists may hold important academic positions. In such positions, they can make many important decisions and make personal choices. Among other things, they can make decisions about academic achievement, participation in conferences, awards, and important aspects of research programs.

Today, in the capitalist world and consumer society, people with a purely bureaucratic mindset form an important part of the wealthy circles, the secular elite and the cultural bohemia. Such representatives of wealthy circles actively organize educational programs, popular schools, conferences and seminars. In such a large frame, they have free space to do whatever they want. 

Some people, including scientists, executives, deans, department heads, professors, senior engineers, government officials and corporate influencers, and other members of the elite, openly show who is in charge here. They insult weaker people and those who cannot respond.

For example, such unfortunates are representatives of national minorities, disabled people and foreigners, in particular foreign students. The rich have many ways to say nasty things, both indirectly and directly, to insult and intimidate those they don't like.

As a result, in the system of capitalism, entire national-social groups of people can be subjected to insult, discrimination, moral, psychological and physical persecution. In such an environment, some are subject to persecution and discrimination based on race, ethnicity, morality, or gender. Others are persecuted and abused for reasons that will never be known.

Unfortunately, foreigners, including international students, interns and researchers, are easy targets for xenophobia, racial and sexual harassment. In addition, one of the types of harassment is the inducement to have sexual relations with relatives and friends of these people.

Under capitalism and consumer society, various forms of exploitation and sweatshops are widespread. They are especially noticeable in the conditions of aggressive national and social policy. People can easily become targets of discrimination and victims of social and national politics.

For example, there is a whole type of degenerates who can openly molest and insult those they don't like. For example, some may ask and induce their "favorites", "excellent students" and "close friends" to demonstrative sexual relations with friends and relatives of various unfortunate people. Those who came to study in another country are especially vulnerable. 

Today, in the system of world capitalism and global consumption, various negative phenomena have again become popular among a large class of bohemians and elites working in academia and corporations. For example, such phenomena are local nationalism, selfishness, endless xenophobia, racism and discrimination.

Unfortunately, some of today's world politicians, elite groups and decision makers implicitly and sometimes even openly support oppression, intimidation and violence against various groups of people. On the one hand, some people belong to privileged social and national groups. Such privileged people prosper and multiply. On the other hand, some people are not fortunate enough to belong to elite social and national groups. Some openly or implicitly belong to discriminated and oppressed social and national groups of people. Such unfortunate people are discriminated against, exploited and oppressed.

Thus, various decision makers, managers, directors, members of the administration, professors and senior engineers can use segregation, discrimination, racism and xenophobia as handy tools. Some of these people use them daily. Various psychological tools are especially useful for career development. The same situation can be faced by poor people who have taken a job in a university, a corporation, or even just trying to find a job.

Unfortunately, such contradictions and similar inter-ethnic, social, political and economic problems are now widespread in universities, education, science and high technology. All these negative phenomena mentioned above have many causes. Unfortunately, they have many manifestations in everyday life. The consequences of segregation, xenophobia, racism and discrimination are widespread in all areas of society. They are especially visible and dangerous in schools, universities, academia and high-tech corporations.

For example, problems become pronounced and obvious when certain groups of people consider themselves superior to others. In high-tech corporations, these can be CEOs, top managers, and various key executives. In universities, such VIPs can be rectors, deans, heads of departments, directors of research centers, administrators, professors, senior engineers, etc. In civilized societies, much is done to neutralize all potential conflicts.

Unfortunately, despite all good intentions and efforts, conflicts and problems arise when some people consider themselves higher than others, some kind of "gods" or "supermen". For example, they openly, frankly or even savor, insult, harass and intimidate other people.

VIPs, "representatives of the ruling races" and xenophobes hang social labels, decide who is worth what. How does all this manifest itself in real life and people's careers? There are many manifestations. All this can manifest itself in people's careers, in relationships between people, as well as in the quality of teamwork and customer satisfaction with the products they buy.

Many types of social problems, such as racism, discrimination, social and national segregation, can be both hidden and open. Often, xenophobes and representatives of "dominant nations" play off representatives of different ethnic groups. They offend people and push different peoples, different social and national groups of people into conflicts. 

Segregation and discrimination are natural to rich people and widespread under capitalism. Xenophobia and racism are especially visible in the capitalist system. On the one hand, often xenophobes, "salt of the earth", wealthy people and representatives of rich nations consider themselves the only real "people". On the other hand, wealthy people, racists and xenophobes may implicitly or even openly call others uncultured "slaves", "dogs", "animals" and "subhumans". Some of these groups of people even believe that they belong to a "master race".

Many forms of segregation and discrimination are multifaceted and slow to emerge. Xenophobia, racism, discrimination and social segregation can be based on various factors. For example, skin color, skull shape, citizenship, nationality, ethnicity, knowledge of languages.

On the one hand, various capitalist democracies, rich nations and "master nations" oppress various subordinate nations and ethnic groups that they consider inferior. Their wealthy representatives and their leaders harass and intimidate people they consider inferior to themselves.

On the other hand, members of all levels of wealthy circles and "dominant nations" often give high salaries, jobs and bonuses mainly to their entourage, relatives and friends. So today representatives of academia and technical organizations implicitly and sometimes openly support discrimination, ultra-nationalism, radical movements and xenophobia in academia and the corporate world.

What are the representatives of the "master nations", the representatives of the wealthy circles, the local bohemians and the elite from a professional and personal point of view? How well do they work, do their job and communicate with other people, especially with other peoples and foreigners?

Wealthy representatives of the dominant nations, representatives of the elite and bohemians are often typical lazybones, double-dealers and liars. Some act like they're in the jungle and they're kings. They feed on the weaker ones and parasitize on the weakest or those who do not understand with whom they are dealing and communicating. A typical situation is when representatives of the "dominant nations" lie to everyone in a row. They lie about others, deceive the weaker, and insult the defenseless. For big shots, moral degenerates and "pigs" the main thing is an immediate visible result and bonuses. They are interested in luxury, pleasure, money and getting what they see right now in front of them.

Quite naturally and often, people who consider themselves "Hercules", "Amazons", "gods" and representatives of the "higher nations" become the academic elite, deans, directors, engineers of the general bohemia, top managers of technological corporations. They are often top university students and graduates of top professors. But that doesn't change their culture. For example, they may very characteristically point their finger at others, especially those of the "lower nations". Moral degenerates and aggressors say nasty things to others and laugh at people.

In many situations, such a society implies zero social mobility. Someone can say that it is only thanks to their loved ones that others have received everything they have, and most importantly, this is both money and material support. Any help and results they thought you received from your loved ones should have been theirs.

In many important situations, the aforementioned elite and bohemians are double-dealers, liars and hypocrites. They may constantly complain about something, but work as bouncers, denouncing others. They pity only themselves and never anyone else. For such people, the most important thing is their own income, limited selfish goals and money. Liars and selfish people advise others to do the same in different situations.

Some of these people have a low culture, lack of morality and even behave like "barbarians". They have a complete lack of honor, honesty, soul, dignity and conscience. Former colleagues and students may even call such people racists and exploiters. But this does not prevent such people with low moral character from holding the positions of professors, senior engineers, even deans, members of the administration, directors of research centers and other bosses. As a result, such people achieve success in their circles and local communities. Fortunately, often such people are nothing and no one in the rest of the world and the rest of the academic, scientific community.

Real life examples, characteristic cases and illustrative examples show that in today's rich capitalist society, successful people are those who support and promote various contradictory phenomena. Some phenomena can have a pronounced negative character, others - gray. And what's worse, often capitalist societies and social-nationalist societies can show black as white and vice versa. Their elites and the media are also constantly reassuring their rank and file that they are doing the right thing. Often ordinary people and ordinary members of capitalist societies are easily manipulated.

In the modern symbiosis of capitalist and social-nationalist society, successful people are, for example, those who have the following qualities:

- may act selfishly, primarily interested in results, income and money;

- can participate in various black and gray schemes;

- such people skillfully know how to lie and deceive weak and defenseless people;

- such people are double-dealers, quick-tempered, aggressive and two-faced;

- such people deceive spiritually motivated people who want to do good to other people;

- such people know how to lie and deceive honest and hardworking people;

- such people are able to "honestly" divide the property of shrines and temples (up to the level of synagogues, churches, mosques);

- they have no conscience, spirituality and soul, even in the remnants;

- such people know how to sell others and betray former neighbors, friends and close acquaintances;

- such people may even suffer from verbal diarrhea.

Obviously, this review is, of course, incomplete and represents only a personal point of view. Perhaps this opinion can to some extent help students and all those who plan to enter the educational programs of higher educational institutions of rich capitalist countries.

Often, ordinary people can be confused by the whole array of conflicting information. They are manipulated through television, podcasts, social media, online encyclopedias and news outlets. Most people accept the point of view that is imposed, promoted and defended by politicians, journalists and the education system. Capitalists and politicians in rich countries do not hesitate to use their gendarmes and security forces. Voluntary forced labor or simply military service is especially effective in persuading defenseless people.

For example, people trust information on colorful websites. They trust bright advertising and loud promises. As a result, people believe all lies, pseudo-information, various home-made "spaghetti" and "fast food" from major political scientists and home-grown experts.

Students are confused when choosing between different study programs, internships and scientific collaboration programs. Young researchers, interns, visiting scientists and, of course, their friends and relatives will be able to make the most informed decision.

To sum up, this review can help all honest and hardworking people who plan to study at top universities and do scientific work in prestigious scientific groups. This review is, of course, just a personal opinion. But perhaps this point of view can be useful to people who do not belong to the elites, the privileged national classes and who do not have the local citizenship of rich capitalist democracies.

People will be more prepared and informed in advance if they deal with any bohemians, potential militaristic organizations, ultra-nationalists, nationalist organizations, privileged individuals, various elite groups and elite institutions.

The bohemia, the elite, the "master races" and the "ruling nations" dominate various prestigious places. They are respected and given priority. Basically, such people work and study in prestigious places. We hope that all hardworking students and their families will be better informed and prepared for the various challenges they may face.
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a variety of opportunities for learning European languages, getting to know the real European culture, traveling and getting to know the world.
numerous, see below.  For example, among the cons:  - countries, political systems and political alliances that have become very similar to military barracks;  - dominance of barracks relations;  - for many, the main thing is not science, cooperation and
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Accoladed professors with mystical campus
Muhammad A
Germany, Graduate
Economics, 2020
Paderborn famous for its uni only as it has an startling amalgamation of youth and old people. Most of the uni students knew each other and the best thing is that uni is at the centre of the city, even u can reach with a 20 mints walk from bahnhoff. The uni has a strong student community with regular cultural events. The professors and classrooms all are perfect and equipped with latest technology gigs. The library the beauty where u can stay 24/7 with all automated book lending and returning machines. The cafeteria has all the famous foods and the coffee machines are available as well.
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Reachable, staff and professors are highly trained and helpful,  international office helps beyond a mile, big lecture halls,capricious library with 5 floors and remains open every time,
Summer can be daunting as some blocks are under Sun's consideration, career counselling is only limited to electrical students and in german only, Job searching portal has to be more effective, too many mundane cards for cafeteria, laundry, mensa,printing
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Solide Grundlage für die zukünftige Karriere
Jonas B
Business Studies, 2023
Die Universität Paderborn hat eine starke internationale Ausrichtung und bietet den Studierenden eine Vielzahl von Möglichkeiten, ins Ausland zu gehen und interkulturelle Erfahrungen zu sammeln. Die Universität hat auch eine gute Beziehung zu führenden Unternehmen und Organisationen in der Region und fördert aktiv Praktika und berufliche Möglichkeiten für die Studierenden.
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Viele internationale Partneruniversitäten
Organisation und Kommunikation mit den Studierenden
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International Business Studies
Stephanie B
Germany, Undergraduate
Business Studies, 2021
With IBS you can choose between spanish and french, english is a must. Furthermore, you can choose the classes that interest you the most, there is a great variety of classes. You can study abroad for one or two semester, take language and IT classes for free and there are a lot of companies around UPB where you can find a well paid student job in the field you are studying.
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work experience, studying abroad, languages
small city, bureaucracy
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Universität Paderborn
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Other names: University of Paderborn
Phone: +49 5251 60 32 09
Address: Warburger Straße 100, 33098, Paderborn, Germany
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