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Université Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales (UT1) reviews

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Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Business Studies, Undergraduate, Independent
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Be aware that in France, at least in public universities like this one, the teaching methods are based on students taking notes in class and then learning them by heart, only to regurgitate as much as they remember for exams... Over the course of my 3-year bachelor, I only bought a handful of books, and these weren't even required reading but only books that I bought on my own initiative. This means that it's exceedingly cheap to study here, but also that you (a) can't skip any classes (or you won't have anything to study for exams!) and (b) if you didn't understand things during class, you have no books to consult... On a more positive note, UT1 has a university library that was completely refurbished in 2002 or so, so it's pretty up to date and has a decently sized collection. Therefore, you can usually get by simply by borrowing books, saving you a lot of money. And if you do end up buying books, then you'll be happy to note that books in France are exceedingly cheap compared to just about any other Western society I can think of. This only goes for French books, though!
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pedagogie, philosophie, sociologie, langues et droits humains.
Ngirimana P
Law, International, 2024
En ce qui concerne la langue maternelle, je n'ai pas trouvé dans la liste. j'ai opté pour le Français. 
en principe, ma langue maternelle est le kinyarwanda.

je fais le master 1 droits humains en France à Toulouse 
(Domuni Universitas)

je voudrais travaille avec des ONG ou association internationale car j'étudie dans un système international.

j'ai des expériences en pédagogie , sociologie, philosophie et en langue avec des diplômes à l'appui.

vous pouvez m'intégrer ou m'orienter autrement.
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Oui mon école propose des stages internationaux car les études concernent le monde international.
donc, dans la vie ultérieure, je suis prêt a travailler partout dans le monde.
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c'est une école de renommé international ,  affiliée aux grandes universités de France et d'autres dans le monde. ils offrent un enseignement de grande qualité à distance partout dans le monde.
en tout cas , ils doivent mieux avancer car ils ont un rythme excellent
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andrea b
Università degli Studi di Genova, Genoa, Italy
Law, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
stay in the campus dorm, make French friends and travel as much as you can...
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Practical and rigorous teaching in "La Ville Rose"
Alan J
Law, International, 2024
Interesting, practice-oriented lessons. Involved, rigorous and passionate teachers. A highly internationalized education, half in a foreign language and offering prestigious opportunities abroad. The infrastructures are correct, in the process of modernization. However, the international aspect and attractiveness abroad still needs to be developed.
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Excellent teachers (including a Nobel Prize winner among them)
International attractiveness and infrastructures.
En semi-présentiel, Formation, Bureautique (Autres), 5 Mois
jusqu'à 150 €
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Université Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales
Très bonne expérience
Aline M
24 weeks - France
Legal Internship
Initially, the University was located in the center of the city, together with the ancestors of student residences, the colleges. In 1969, Toulouse University split into three separate branches and numerous specialised institutions of higher education.

There are about 100,000 students in Toulouse. Consequently, Toulouse is a very youthful city, the second largest University complex in France after Paris.

The University of Social Sciences consists of Law School, the School of Economic and Social Administration, the School of Economics and specialized University Institutes, as well as a School of Management and an Institute of Political Sciences.

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Other names: University of Social Sciences Toulouse 1
Phone: +33 5 61 63 37 88 (Int'l Office)
Address: Université Toulouse 1 Sciences Sociales, Place Anatole France, 31042 Cedex, Toulouse, France
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