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Universitatea de Vest din Timísoara (UVT) reviews

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A great University
Grega N
Romania, Undergraduate
Economics, 2018
West University of Timisoara is a great university. The teachers are there for you and are willing to help you when you need their help. The courses are well structured and the people are sociable and open. The campus is quite modern and the environment is pleasant.
Like everything, there are some things that can be better, for example, some information like the schedule and exams because sometimes are posted too late.
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It's a very nice environment, a welcoming city, great night life, great food, great weather, good teachers
Some organizational details are communicated too late.
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Studying at Universitatea de Vest
Victoria B
Economics, 2023
We have courses and seminars (practical classes where you put in practice what you learned at the course). In my opinion the educational program focuses more on theory and not so much how and where to apply what you have learned. There are some amazing and passionate professors from which you can learn things, not just the information from the books.
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You can do an internship in Romania, also people can apply for Erasmus practice.
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Some really good teachers
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Cultural inclusion helps to increase our ideals
Julia S
Romania, Graduate
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, 2023
The courses are nice, I like the most about this university that they offer us many program to work abroad in different countries, and help us to increase our points of view, they recive many foreign studends per year what makes the international comunity bigger and interesting.
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Cultural inclusion
Sometimes delay of replying
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i begin a master in power electronics at the politehnica
Romania, Graduate
Physics, 2017
it s very interesting situation for me to study with fresh graduated  engineers
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this school teach us the news in power electronics
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Universitatea de Vest din Timísoara
Ariadna M
30 weeks - Spain
Finance / Accounting Internship
It was the year 1989, the year of the Romanian Revolution that meant a turning point in the development of our institution. It led to the normal condition of today. Thus, the present structures and achievements make the University of the West, Timisoara, worthy of interest for potential partners. An essential change of mentality has occurred in the very way of conceiving the academic institution, following the model of similar democratic institutions in the West. An ample institutional reform has been set going, starting with the re-defining of the University's mission, followed by the establishment of objectives to be pursued for the carrying out of that mission. Truly international in its outlook, the university is formally linked with over 100 universities worldwide. Student exchange receives top priority in these co-operation agreements.
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Other names: West University of Timisoara
Homepage: www.uvt.ro
Phone: +40 56 19 20 29
Address: Bd. Vasile Parvan 4, 1900, Timisoara, Romania
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