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Politechnika Warszawska reviews

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Stuart G
University of Glasgow, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Engineering, Aeronautical, Undergraduate, Erasmus
Personal recommendation
Go! I loved it and wish it could have lasted longer. I will definitely be back to visit. Maybe I was lucky this year with the nice people that I met (Erasmus), but it seems that everyone in Poland was really welcoming and helpful to us!! We all really enjoyed our stay. The staff were friendly and helpful too, I think they like to encourage international visitors. They gave me lots of their time for discussions and they allowed me access to their laboratory facilities for my research.
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During my experience abroad, I ...
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Became familiar with another culture
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Met people from other countries
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Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies & career
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Studying abroad
Mous A
Poland, Undergraduate
Marketing and Sales Management, 2019
Living and studying abroad has thought me a lot of things. From studying in a different language to learning the local language despite the difficulties of learning and speaking 2 different languages other than your native one, it has absolutely thought and helped me grow up and more mature than my friends at my age. The universities here have different system too. The culture is completely different than I’m used to, which makes you learn and appreciate every culture and language. In the end I managed and got through it. It has been a great experience and I have zero regrets about it. Now I speak 3 languages and learning one more.
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International students, different cultures and languages
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good choice
Patryk S
Poland, Undergraduate
Management Science, 2013
In my opinion Warsaw University of Technology is known as a interesting choice where you can develop your skills, knowledge and everything related with. University arranges a lot of events where you can undertake many interesting  practise and internships. 
Courses are held in english and polish. Big variety of faculties cause that university is flexible and modern school.
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flexibilty, big variety of faculties
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An overwhelming yet good experience
Wisdom A
Telecommunications, 2024
I really like the active learning method at Politechnika. The labs and projects have helped me a lot in understanding the course better. I also like my professors because they are always accessible outside class time.
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The career office of Politechnika is doing an outstanding job. They frequently publish job and internship opportunities on their website. They occasionally organize workshops, teaching students how to structure CVs and also prepare for interviews.
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The most special thing they have in Politechnika is labs.
International student relationship.
REVIEWS BY INTERNS AT Politechnika Warszawska
The Warsaw University of Technology (Polish: Politechnika Warszawska, literally, "Warsaw Polytechnic") is one of the leading institutes of technology in Poland and one of the largest in Central Europe. It employs 2,453 teaching faculty, with 357 professors (including 145 titular professors).[5] The student body numbers 36,156 (as of 2011), mostly full-time.[5] There are 19 faculties (divisions) covering almost all fields of science and technology. They are in Warsaw, except for one in Płock. The Warsaw University of Technology has about 5,000 graduates per year. According to the 2008 Rzeczpospolita newspaper survey, engineers govern Polish companies. Warsaw Tech alums make up the highest percentage of Polish managers and executives. Every ninth president among the top 500 corporations in Poland is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology. Professor Kurnik, the rector, explained that the school provides a solid basis for the performance of managers by equipping its students with an education at the highest level and a preparation with the tools and information, including knowledge of foreign languages.[6] The origins of Warsaw University of Technology date back to 1826 when engineering education was begun in the Warsaw Institute of Technology.
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Phone: +48 22 629 80 09
Address: Warsaw University of Technology, Pl. Politechniki 1, 00661 Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
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